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The Kellogg-WHU EMBA Arrives in Singapore

Students experience the first EMBA field trip abroad

The Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA is a part-time program that offers new perspectives and insights to experienced executives with the opportunity to explore international markets. In October this year, a group of 26 students from both the KW24 and KW25 cohorts was the first to explore Singapore as part of a new weeklong field trip module. The field trip offers EMBA students the chance to intensively network, discuss, learn, and deep dive into various topics alongside top-tier professionals.

While just a week may seem a short timeframe in which to pack in company visits and inspiring lectures, the program carefully selected each session to ensure an optimum experience for the group. “The experiences and insights were diverse enough to completely understand Singapore’s current business and cultural environment,” said EMBA student Zsuzsanna Hermann. “Our visits to WS Audiology (a manufacturer of hearing aids) or discussions with professors offered the potential to build local connections. The welcome and farewell dinners, the boat ride on the river, and an additional local alumni evening ensured we had plenty of great networking opportunities.”

Zsuzsanna is based in Budapest, Hungary, and is a Senior Executive Account Manager for Gartner, a market research and analysis provider. She joined the Executive MBA for several reasons, which included expanding her academic and professional toolkit. “I also want to get to know myself better through challenging situations in a safe environment to push my boundaries and improve my hard and soft skills. Through the Kellogg-WHU EMBA, I have access to a growing network of alumni who are smart, experienced, and respectful diverse leaders who I can learn from.”

Over the week, the EMBA students also met with many Singapore-based companies as part of “experiential journeys”; hands-on visits that allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of the market. These included companies such as SAP Labs (a digital innovation hub), the Urban Redevelopment Authority, and Launchpad @ one-north, a hub for start-ups, accelerators, and venture capitalists.

Expert speakers prompted thought-provoking discussions, such as Professor Lawrence Loh on “Sustainable and Smart Cities: Best practices in Singapore” or Ritesh Ganeriwal, Head of Investment Advisory at Syfe, a MAS-licensed investment platform. “I expected to discover more about the Singapore economy and culture, and that is exactly what we experienced,” says EMBA student Chiara Pietrarota. “I was impressed to learn how many different cultures live together peacefully in a relatively small geographic space.”

Chiara is a Senior Credit Analyst for Europe Arab Bank plc based in Milan, Italy. For Chiara, joining an EMBA program was also a chance for her to challenge herself and step out of her comfort zone. “I chose Kellogg-WHU because of the high quality it offers, but also its network of international leaders. “I appreciate Kellogg-WHU's motto of “high impact, low ego.” It is something that deeply resonates with my values.”

With social events punctuating the week, such as networking dinners, students gained a new perspective on Singapore and new insights into their peers and new connections. “It was a fitting and meaningful end to a rich EMBA journey,” says Zsuzsanna. “The field trip was an excellent summary of the top quality we expected from an academic institution such as Kellogg-WHU and a high professional level of valuable networking.”

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