The Kellogg EMBA Global Partnerships

  • Largest, most immersive Global Network: 7 campuses
  • Offers unprecedented access to: lasting connections, expert knowledge, world-class peers, professional opportunities

Global Network Weeks

Experience the power of the global classroom during Global Network Weeks, an event which takes place every year in August of the first year of enrollment and gathers students from the entire Executive MBA Global Network.

During 12 days, you will be surrounded by business leaders from all over the world with whom you will take highly interactive and collaborative courses. You will also be able to get to know your peers outside of class and enjoy various networking and socializing activities with the aim to turn your connections into lasting relationships.

Global Electives

The global electives take place during the second year of enrollment and on all seven campuses within the Executive MBA Global Network. Classes are taught by local faculty members who have firsthand expert knowledge of the local markets they teach in.

Each global campus offers a variety of courses on different topics and industries. The Miami campus for instance is great for studying finance and learning more about the Latin American market while the Tel Aviv campus is best for exploring technology and venture capital.

Key benefits of your global experience

  • Get firsthand knowledge of global markets: our unparalleled curriculum and teaching model gives you the opportunity to learn directly from expert local faculty
  • Make lasting connections: connect with high-caliber peers, experts, entrepreneurs, alumni locally and build lasting personal and professional relationships
  • Globalize your mindset: Through collaboration and networking with diverse people, you will become more global and broaden your perspectives, helping you tackle the challenges of a highly complex and globalized world.

Kellogg Executive MBA Global Network

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Kellogg, Evanston, USA
Kellogg-HKUST, Hong Kong
Kellogg, Miami, USA
Kellogg-Recanati, Tel Aviv, Israel
Kellogg-Schulich, Toronto, Canada
Guanghua-Kellogg, Beijing, China