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You are still not sure which program would best fit your career and ambitions? Here you can find out more about the real-life EMBA experiences of our Kellogg-WHU alumni and students. Read on and convince yourself!
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Our alumni success stories – the lasting impact of the Executive MBA.

The Remarkable Impact and Success of Sasaenia Paul Oluwabunmi

The Remarkable Impact and Success of Sasaenia Paul Oluwabunmi

The Kellogg-WHU EMBA Alum's Inspiring Mission for a Better World

Elevating Entrepreneurial Acumen and Network Through the EMBA

Elevating Entrepreneurial Acumen and Network Through the EMBA

Alum Christian Hartmann on becoming a founder and scaling up

Women of the Executive MBA: Annette Mann

Women of the Executive MBA: Annette Mann

On authentic leadership and disruption through change

Kellogg-WHU Alumna Julia Marhan and Terum

Kellogg-WHU Alumna Julia Marhan and Terum

The power of enabling communities to incite environmental change



EMBA Student Experiences

Marina Voudouri
Class of 2023
"When I started searching for an EMBA program I had a clear priority: it should be at a leading business school with a culture that aligns well with my values. At Kellogg-WHU those conditions are fulfilled completely."
Witold Miedrzejewski
Class of 2022
"The first module made me hungry to progress with the program and benefit from its unique community spirit. I looked forward to every further module."
András Biró
Class of 2017
"We are living in a fast-changing environment where these kinds of programs are needed and support you on your journey (…) I had the great opportunity to experience different programs and campuses and of course to expand my network."
David Wilson
Class of 2019
"A Palestinian, an Israeli and a German in a Tuk Tuk in India - we understand each other better when we talk, become stronger when we collaborate, and have more fun when we celebrate. "
Tolulope Ochonogor
Class of 2020
"I made a deliberate choice to invest in my personal and career development with Kellogg-WHU. It is a program with world-class faculty and amazing individuals with diverse backgrounds."
Uwe Karrenberg
Class of 2019
"An amazing time was found in meeting peers who became friends from all over the world. Outstanding, charismatic leaders, and a network full of opportunities for our future journeys."
Miriam Mertens
Class of 2020
"The Executive MBA really enabled me to feel that I could change job role, function, or industries. In fact, the effects of the program are felt even stronger in the long run: it really helped to change my perception of myself and realize that there is nothing I cannot do."

Our students and alumni tell their stories – take a look!

Alumni Entrepreneur Marcus Stahl
Alumni Entrepreneur Marcus Stahl
Unboxing Creativity: The Story of the Toniebox
EMBA Student Chiara Pietrarota
EMBA Student Chiara Pietrarota
Balancing EMBA with Family and Business
Alumni Entrepreneur Thomas Wild
Alumni Entrepreneur Thomas Wild
From Cooperate Career to Entrepreneur

Graduation EMBA Class of 2023

An extraordinary journey comes to an end


The Kellogg-WHU EMBA graduation ceremony for the Class of 2023 took place at the historical palace in Koblenz, Germany. This event marked the culmination of hard work, dedication, and academic excellence. Graduates, along with their families and friends, gathered to celebrate this momentous day.


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The Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Program in numbers (cohort #KW25)

These statistics give you an impression of just how diverse the class profile is. It is the interaction with top managers from a wide range of countries and industrial backgrounds that provides valuable insights and defines the success of the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA program. You learn with and from your fellow students.

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