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EMBA Leadership

Tried and true; new and innovative. With academic, experiential, group, and individual learning, we will guide you through the transformational self-development that delivers the highest standard of leadership.

Become global business leader-ready

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Know yourself

Dig deep into your personality, values, skills, and experiences to uncover your unique ability to lead. Lead both yourself, and others. Shape international organizations for the future. Anywhere in the world.
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Inspire and be inspired

Get from it what you put in. Exchanging personal stories of success and failure with your peers, teachers, and coaches will develop the openness and empathy that set the greatest leaders apart.
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Lead with impact

No two leaders are the same, but the best all share something in common: They create impact. Embody an attitude that will build you into a leader who makes a difference. Where and whenever needed.

Participant and alumni voices

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Uwe Karrenberg
Class of 2019
"An amazing time was found in meeting peers who became friends from all over the world. Outstanding, charismatic leaders, and a network full of opportunities for our future journeys."
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Marina Voudouri
Class of 2023
"When I started searching for an EMBA program I had a clear priority: it should be at a leading business school with a culture that aligns well with my values. At Kellogg-WHU those conditions are fulfilled completely."
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Raphael Coelho
Class of 2020
"I am thankful to have been part of the Kellogg-WHU network and continue to be impressed that such career progression was possible even before completing the program."

Our leader-making methods

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Academic modules with professors who are leaders in their fields
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Sessions and talks with inspiring personalities such as founders, senior managers, actors, and top leaders
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Interactive workshops on topics such as developing your career strategy and personal brand
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Self-assessment and 360° feedback tools
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Individual and group coaching with certified leadership coaches
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Career counseling and application support with career coaches
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Experiential learning through simulations and exercises
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Networking forums and resources
Importance of the Kellogg-WHU EMBA for Female Leaders

Matching you to the market

Nail a promotion. Switch roles, company, or industry. Take the leap and strike out on your own. However and whenever you want to progress your career, our certified executive leadership and career coaches will guide you to strategize and reach your goals. Time and again, one after another. For the rest of your working life.

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A glimpse into one of our interactive workshops