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Earning more money with the degree

The Executive MBA is designed for high performers who are already established in their role, have several years of professional experience, and hold a management position. So you might ask yourself, what more could these people want? Have they not already reached the highest rung of the career ladder? Why invest so much money into an EMBA degree?

Besides enhancing their existing skill set and expanding their own network, money likely plays an equally important role. And let’s be honest: money always plays a role in decision-making, whether we want to admit it or not. In addition to the level of responsibility, individual qualifications also play a key role in salary negotiations. Which brings us to the topic at hand...

Salary increases through higher qualifications

Your company already knows what you are capable of and how valuable you are to them – otherwise you would not hold the management position you currently do. An EMBA degree enables you to further enhance and perfect your skills and proficiencies. The high level of internationalization within the program also allows you to expand your personal network globally. With an EMBA degree, you thus acquire additional qualifications that ultimately ‘pay off’ in the truest sense of the term. It’s completely natural to want to earn more. More work should receive better pay, though this often isn’t the case. But an EMBA degree opens up further possibilities, whether a pay raise in your current position or completely new job prospects.

Increased job opportunities with an EMBA degree

The EMBA degree can qualify you for a promotion or help you obtain an executive position in a new company. For instance, you can start a new career as a marketing director, investment manager, corporate CFO, or insurance specialist. Through the EMBA program, you will learn to implement new knowledge and tools in your work and to pass these along to colleagues. You’ll also learn more about yourself and can decide which management style you’d like to adapt for yourself. You’ll address topics such as your style of communication, your self-perception, your self-confidence, and your problem-solving skills. This training will make you a more efficient executive.

Expanding your existing qualifications

As you might have already realized, an EMBA degree program is geared toward enhancing and honing your skills. As an executive, analytical thinking is both valuable and essential since you have to be in the position to understand every department and to make reasonable decisions. This also involves identifying how things connect – and then drawing the right conclusions.

The Executive MBA is designed to help managers handle the increasingly complex markets and growing competition at the global level. The EMBA program not only conveys the latest knowledge from the fields of research and practice, but the class lecturers also work with real problems, case studies, and trends from their own businesses or careers. As a result, you and your expertise become incredibly valuable to the employment market after completing the program.

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