An Insightful Development Journey

Grow as a Person and as a Leader

The Leadership and Career Development modules enable you to act as the most effective leader you can be. A mix of academic content and experiential learning combined with individual and group coaching goes far beyond merely conveying leadership techniques. We invite each student to embark on a transformational and highly individualized development journey.

Know Yourself

Understand how your personality, values, experiences and skills shape your capacity for leading yourself and leading others.

Inspire and Be Inspired

Share your passion and your story with peers, teachers and coaches to develop an authentic leadership vision for your teams.

Act as an Effective Leader

Build on insights and adopt the approaches that will help you succeed as a leader in your professional and personal life.

Elements of the Leadership and Career Development Journey

  • Academic modules with professors who are leaders in their fields
  • Sessions and talks with inspiring personalities such as founders, senior managers, actors and psychologists
  • Interactive workshops with seasoned facilitators on topics such as developing your career strategy and personal brand
  • Self-assessment and 360° feedback tools
  • Individual and group coaching with certified leadership coaches
  • Career counseling and application support with career coaches
  • Experiential learning through simulations and excursions
  • Networking forums and resources

A Glimpse into Our Interactive Workshops

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Matching You to the Market

Our award-winning Career Center and specialized career coaches help you discover a career path that matches your personal goals and enables you to make a positive impact in the world – no matter if you want to develop within your organization, change careers or become an entrepreneur. This includes offering the tools, resources and networks to understand the job market and to pursue specific opportunities that match your profile.

Testimonial Sharam Sadeghi

Sharam Sadeghi

EMBA Class of 2012

“Before I joined the program, I wanted to learn how to become a better leader and find out what “better” truly meant. Once I went through the program and benefited from all the great tools such as personality assessments and personal coaching sessions, I really got to know about myself and my managerial style.”

Become the Most Effective Leader You Can be

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