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Participate in our live session with Beate Allar, Admissions Manager, and Alexander Wellpott, Brain Capital Representative, to get more details about our scholarships and learn how to finance your Kellogg-WHU EMBA. 

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Online Session: Financing Options on November 16th

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Join us online to learn more about:

  1. Finance your Kellogg-WHU EMBA
  2. Early Birds & Benefits
  3. Scholarships
  4. Our partners for financing
  5. Get to know Brain Capital
  6. Q & A – Time for your individual questions
Upcoming sessions

Tuesday, November 16th
at 4.00 pm CET

In addition to this focussed session, we offer other informative events. Take a look at our event schedule.


Finance your Kellogg-WHU EMBA –
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