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Modern and innovative methods that engage leading minds are key to the success of our EMBA Program. Enriched by a diverse class from a variety of disciplines your peers are as valuable a source of new skills and expertise as our expert faculty. Benefit from our dynamic learning environment, learn from each other and develop yourself as a leader with impact.

Key facts

Expert faculty and high-calibre peers as an exceptional source of new skills and expertise

Unparalleled opportunities to customize your studies through electives

Personal development through integrated leadership & career development module

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Take a look inside our classrooms, get a glimpse into our digital learning environment, discover our methods and approaches, and get to know the benefits of the Kellogg Global EMBA Network. Experience Kellogg-WHU for yourself!

State-of-the art approaches

Flipped learning at Kellogg-WHU encourages students to access learning materials prior to the classroom. This state-of-the-art approach ‘flips’ the traditional classroom concept, promoting social learning through deeper discussions and critical reflection of the surrounding theories in class.

Cultural immersion

Through a wide range of global electives and field trips that complement the classroom studies, our students gain new perspectives and insights beyond the academic sphere. The Global EMBA Network allows them to share their experiences with a diverse group of people from around the world. 

Personal development

At Kellogg-WHU we invite each student to embark on a transformational and highly individualized develpment journey. A mix of academic content and experiential learning combined with individual and group coaching goes far beyond merely conveying leadership techniques.

Innovative methods

Entrepreneurship is a vital element of the Kellogg-WHU EMBA Program. Not only relevant to those looking to start their own business, entrepreneurial themes and innovative managerial methods and approaches enrich the skillset of all of our students throughout their studies. 

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